EXCL in Education: “levels the educational playing field” for learning.

All students, regardless of geography, ethnicity or socioeconomic standing, can become part of the classrooms taught by the best instructors in America.


mission_101087Our Mission …

To improve instructor teaching capabilities and student success rates by incentivizing education using the efficiency and reach of internet technology.

Your Life, Your Job …

Employers value knowledge, motivation and skills. Succeed in the process of learning and you’ll be see how much easier life will be, AND EMPLOYERS WILL WANT YOU!


Politics …

EXCL.com takes no political or educational stand on what to learn – or how it should be taught.

Whether an advocate of the Common Core or local control, we will have a data base filled with lessons by the best teachers representing all systems. For a small subscription price of $10 per student per month, the world of learning is yours, and available 24/7. You choose the instructors that are right for you. The more you learn, the more you qualify to win prizes of value – and the better the rest of your life will be!