Why is Instant Replay® Tutor best for all Students?


  • Students of ALL ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds will have equal access to the best instructors’ lessons in our data base.
  • Students, especially ESL and those with learning disabilities, will have repeated access to materials until learning is achieved.
  • Note taking is virtually done for the subscriber, freeing the student to watch — and learn — the lesson.
  • Students absent from the class will be able to “experience“ the classroom lesson.
  • Lessons are recorded for the student to replay until the material makes sense – and learning sticks.

We are convinced that:

  • The goal of teaching should be for the student to achieve FIRST TIME AROUND learning – to expect anything else would initiate a “psychology of failure” requiring a seemingly endless cycle of remediation.
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  • Ideally, the best tutor is the student’s very own teacher. Until now, this type of tutorial was impossible since the teacher was not available 24/7. Our method allows the student to see and hear his/her instructor as often as needed.<
  • If the student was concentrating on the lesson presented by their own teacher, it would generally make sense at the time. Listening to the lecture again will recreate that same “knowing feeling” the student experienced during the original presentation.

Consistency of learning a subject is necessary to avoid confusion.

  • We believe that using the service of a third party to explain skills and concepts taught in the classroom can lead to additional confusion – or worse yet, the teaching of something different than what the instructor intended.
  • If the student continues to have difficulty with lessons presented by their own teacher, the student will have the option of reviewing the lessons and notes of any other teacher in our data base. Our goal is to facilitate learning from whomever is best to make that happen.
  • Students will be part of an educational community and have access to student forums. They can discuss subjects, teachers possessing extraordinary teaching skills and ways to be successful.
  • Students will have access to learning enriched games and puzzles to foster deductive thinking.
  • Businesses will be encouraged to post real-life applications of subjects to show students where their learning can be used.

Why is Instant Replay® Tutor best for Parents?

The student-involved parent will:


  • Know what is going on in the classroom.
  • Be able to understand current methodology and be able to better assist with assignments/homework.
  • Be able to interact on a parent forum provided on the website

The non-active parent (one of teachers greatest complaints as an obstacle to student learning) will:

  • Only need to advise their child to spend a sufficient amount of time on the EXCL in Education website reviewing the day’s lessons since constant repetition of the learning process itself will advance learning – in spite of the lack of direct support.

Households where English is a second language can also reap the benefits of learning with student usage of Instant Replay® Tutor.

Why is Instant Replay®Tutor good for teachers?

  • Each teacher’s lessons included in the Instant Replay® Tutor database will be monitored for student retrieval volume, ratings and post-lesson success rates. EXCL in Education will compensate each teacher with financial royalties based on these metrics!
  • The free market system will guide students to the best teachers that will result in the long-awaited and much-deserved Merit Pay. (Best Teachers = More Users = More Money)
  • As Instant Replay® Tutor expands to all public and private schools, home schools, colleges and universities — both nationally and internationally — the best teachers will be rewarded commensurate to user volume.
  • With the added incentive to make more money and achieve greater student success, both in and out of their classrooms, more thought will go into lesson plans and clarity of explanation. A new and better teacher will emerge.
  • Better teachers will receive greater respect by administrators and peers and will set a standard to which other instructors will aspire.
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  • Instructors who act as on-site coordinators will receive additional bonuses.
  • Under-qualified instructors can use the Instant Replay® Tutor system themselves to reinforce better teaching skills by visiting a superior instructor’s lectures.
  • Instructors who cannot attend educational conferences and conventions can visit them as easily as signing into a lecture. In this manner cost of travel, distant geography or time conflicts can be easily overcome. There is no better way to communicate the content of a speaker than to listen to a replay of the talk. Even non-participating faculty (who represent the majority of instructors) can easily see what’s new and better in their fields – even if they don’t want to make the investment of time and money to attend a conference.
  • Instructors will be able to interact in the faculty forums provided on the website.

Why is Instant Replay®Tutor good for schools?

When a school district signs up to become a participating member of the EXCL in Education network, their instructors also benefits.

  • As teachers become better communicators and, therefore, better teachers (if for no other reason than pursuing financial royalties), student-learning outcomes will improve on individual and national testing.
  • Every instructor who uses Instant Replay® Tutor will most likely strive to be a better teacher by being prepared and therefore more effective. Knowing that every lesson is being recorded will bolster a “less-than-adequate” lesson plan, while creating “national stars” out of normally great teachers – especially when they know their income can be greatly enhanced!
  • Criticism of schools and teachers will be diminished. Some say that mediocre teaching is everywhere – but, with Instant Replay® Tutor, dynamic instruction is only a few clicks away.
  • Non-traditional (home schooled) students will also be able to subscribe to Instant Replay® Tutor to gain access to the very best instructors in the country!”