How often have you replayed parts of a movie you wanted to see because you missed important words? If one word can make a powerful difference in the meaning of a statement when you concentrated on listening, how much information do you believe you could have missed when you paid half as much attention – like when sitting in a classroom? student-w-computer_101088
Distraction is everywhere. Don’t you think it’s time for technology to be used to help us learn more effectively? We do too. That’s why we’ve created Instant Replay® Tutor.

Instant Replay® Tutor by EXCL in Education allows students to access lectures using a simple login (at home, in a school computer lab, etc.). This login allows students to download and view their instructors’ lectures. Who better to reinforce the lecture than the original lecturer themselves? However, if a student wants to view other participating instructors’ lectures, he can do that too.

movie-camera_101089Record classes, research and other education-related subjects and make them available through a dedicated online community. We offer students access to our system at a VERY low cost, allowing them to review their own teachers’ lessons, or another instructor in our database.




We wish to create a meritocracy in education and financially reward both teachers and students who “achieve” using our program. We will pay royalties to contributing instructors based on student usage and educational mastery of their content. The best teachers will earn greater royalties encouraging others to work harder to become “better”. When more instructors become competitive for royalties, more students will improve.

Our Educational Objectives:

Learning Word Means Text Educate And Tutoring

  • provide access tutorials working with all teaching methods;
  • give all students access to the best teachers;
  • improve successes, especially learning disabled, at-risk, immigrant and home schooled;
  • improve quality of teaching by showing less capable teachers teaching techniques to obtain greater royalties;
  • provide consistency of learning
  • create learning without fear of embarrassment and peer pressure;
  • offer a safe learning environment;
  • eliminate remediation
  • change the culture of a failing education by incentivizing learning.

Teacher Choice can be more effective in creating student success than School Choice


Brains are evenly distributed. Education is not. We can change that by bridging the educational gap between what the government can provide and what students need to be successful.