Our Business Objectives: The Market

Allow the magic of the free market system attract the profits so conspicuously absent in education.

Today tutoring is an $11 Billion a year aftermarket business.

We can help large segments of the students who are utilizing tutoring today.


  • Students (or schools) who pay for tutoring will find that Instant Replay® Tutor can provide a real alternative to supplemental learning.
  • EXCL.com will offer the absolute best and least expensive way to reinforce learning. For some, it’s the class they are currently taking. For others, it could be a review for knowledge-based cumulative tests like the SAT, ACT, etc. or for professional advancement.
  • EXCL.com will offer low cost access to multiple lessons included on its site. Families who couldn’t afford to pay for one-on-one tutoring will now be able to compete with the parents who can afford high-priced tutors. With new-found successes, these lower socioeconomic students will have that sense of accomplishment and self-esteem they may have missed because they were ashamed of, or embarrassed by, what they didn’t understand.
  • EXCL in Education’s Instant Replay® Tutor can enhance the student’s ability to learn – while becoming eligible to win prizes of value when learning is achieved.

Our Business Objectives …


  • To organize, index and make available for free a quick and easy search of all the available educational content (audio and video) on every lesson in our database;
  • To charge a very small subscription price to students (or district) to allow them to gain access to the very best teachers’ lessons, topics and problem-solving techniques;
  • To find and reward (proportionate to their teaching excellence) instructors to present educational lessons;
  • To encourage parents and/or school districts to make a small investment on behalf of their child’s success;
  • To entice students to qualify to win prizes of value for their successes;
  • To, for the first time ever, determine a quantitative difference between learning methods (we CAN compare apples to oranges);
  • To appeal to the media to show the public how a private company can be more effective in improving education at a tiny fraction of what public school systems spend; and
  • To allow the free market system to attract the profits so conspicuously absent in education.

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